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Divorce & Support

Divorce is a distressing and painful situation to go through. When you meet with an attorney at William C. Maaia and Associates, he or she will discuss a range of topics.  For example, whether the marriage can be reconciled, whether emotional issues cloud the legal issues, and the importance of children’s well-being going beyond the economic impact it will entail. In addition, issues like the division of marital assets, custody, alimony and restraining orders will require experience and expertise in domestic matters.

Most divorces in Rhode Island are granted based on irreconcilable differences. Other grounds like infidelity or extreme cruelty are also available. However, whether a matter goes to court or not, it requires negotiations and persuasive arguments by the attorney on behalf of the client. It is vital to know the prerequisites for divorce in Rhode Island, such as the one year residency requirement. Our law office takes care to advise and protect you throughout the divorce process.

More information can be found at the R.I. Bar Association.